Powerful E-Commerce SEO Packages

Comprehensive SEO packages for online shops


4 DA20+ Outreach (750 Words)
6 DA30+ Outreach (1000 Words)
2 DA40+ Outreach (1000 Words)
1 Khufu Link Pyramid
8 Blog Writing (1000 Words)
1 Extended Press Release
300 Social Brand Profiles


8 DA20+ Outreach (750 Words)
8 DA30+ Outreach (1000 Words)
2 DA40+ Outreach (1000 Words)
1 DA40+ Outreach (1500 Words)
1 DA50+ Outreach (1000 Words)
2 Khufu Link Pyramids
4 Blog Writing (1000 Words)
4 Blog Writing (1500 Words)
1 Extended Press Release
300 Social Brand Profiles


8 DA20+ Outreach (750 Words)
12 DA30+ Outreach (1000 Words)
2 DA40+ Outreach (1000 Words)
2 DA40+ Outreach (1500 Words)
1 DA50+ Outreach (1000 Words)
1 DA50+ Outreach (1500 Words)
3 Khufu Link Pyramids
8 Blog Writing (1000 Words)
4 Blog Writing (1500 Words)
1 Extended Press Release
300 Social Brand Profiles
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Complete SEO Campaigns For Online Shops

Our e-commerce SEO packages are designed for e-commerce website owners looking to gain solid exposure in the search engines for their products and services, coupled with traffic and brand exposure from industry-leading blogs. They are backed by data collected and analysed from 1000’s of e-commerce websites.

Whether you have a small web shop or a fully-fledged e-commerce store which turns over millions of dollars, our e-commerce SEO packages can definitely give you the edge you need to dominate the SERPs and blow your competition out of the water.

Blogger Outreach
Link Pyramids
Blog Content Writing
Press Release


Our e-commerce SEO packages have Linkredible features
Winning Strategy
Our e-commerce SEO packages have been optimized to promote e-commerce stores with many different sales landing pages and keyword groups.
Complete SEO Automation
Our team of e-commerce SEO experts and content writers will promote your products in the search engines, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.
Natural Link Patterns
Our e-commerce SEO packages are backed by real data obtained by analysing thousands of different websites and working on thousands of SEO campaigns.
Trusted Authority Websites
We have carefully selected the highest authority and most trusted websites for all of the services in our e-commerce packages, giving your website maximum power in the SERPs.
Safe Long-Term Strategy
Our SEO packages are designed for longevity. We don't use here today, gone tomorrow strategies. They are carefully balanced so you can see solid results for many years to come.
Diverse Backlink Profile
We use a diverse mix of different services, backlink types and anchor texts in our SEO packages to keep your link building campaign looking as natural as possible.
Drip Fed Backlinks
We have designed our e-commerce packages so that that the order of execution of each of the services and the number of links built using each strategy looks authentic to the search engines.
Relevant Quality Content
We write editorial-style content which is highly relevant to your brand's products and services. This high relevancy, combined with the power of our links can yield solid results.
Dedicated Campaign Manager
Your campaign manager will provide you with advice on how to get the best results possible from your campaign and make suggestions on what will work best for your website.

How It Works

Build your powerful SEO campaign with just a few clicks
Enter Your Inputs
To get started, all we need from you is a few details such as your website pages, target keywords and a few details about your business in order to carry out each of the services.
We Research Your Business
Our research team will get to work digging through your website and competition and create a link building and content strategy for you, identifying any content opportunities.
We Report Back To You
We'll then come back to you with a selection of blog post topics for you to choose from, as well as a press release draft for you approve and any other discussion points regarding your campaign.
We Execute The Services
Our team will then get started executing each of the services. You can discuss all of the moving parts with your campaign manager and communicate with them throughout your campaign.
Monitor Your Campaign
You can track the status of your campaign and monitor the progress of each of the services included in your SEO package as each service is completed by various members of our team.
Download Deliverables
After your services have been completed, a report for each of the services will be uploaded to your client dashboard, as well as any content that has been written for your blog.

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked

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Is this a good e-commerce SEO strategy?
Our e-commerce SEO packages are optimized for e-commerce stores and websites with many different products, landing pages and keyword groups. All of the link building strategies have been designed to bring powerful results whilst following a safe and natural-looking link building patterns.

Although our e-commerce packages are primarily designed for SEO, there are many other benefits such as getting direct traffic from various authority blogs and news publications and building brand exposure and awareness through a wider content marketing strategy. This makes them the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business with great ROI potential.

What are primary and secondary keywords?
Primary keywords are the keywords you are trying to rank for in Google. Secondary keywords are keywords designed to give diversity to your link building campaign and make your anchor text profile as natural as possible.
Can I change my keywords each month?
Yes, and we highly advise our clients to change their anchor texts each month to stay clear of any over-optimization penalties. To change your keywords/anchor texts each month, simply communicate with your campaign manager using the campaign ticket and they will update them for you.
Are there any contracts or can I cancel at any time?
There are no contracts with our e-commerce packages other than agreeing to our standard terms of service. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your package whenever you want to.

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