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    Media Site Guest Posting Service

    Content placements on the world’s largest media sites

    Bronze Tier

    Placements on high traffic & high authority media sites starting from $495 including:
    Business Matters
    Young Upstarts
    All Top Startups
    Customer Think

    Silver Tier

    Placements on high traffic & high authority media sites starting from $695 including:
    Social Media Explorer
    Startup Donut
    Marketing Donut
    Tech Genyz
    Active Rain

    Gold Tier

    Placements on high traffic & high authority media sites starting from $995 including:
    Small Business Trends
    All Business
    Fashion Gone Rogue
    Thrive Global

    Platinum Tier

    Placements on high traffic & high authority media sites starting from $1995 including:
    IB Times
    Looking for content placements on lower authority niche sites? Check out our blogger outreach service.

    Guest Posts On High Traffic & High Authority Media Sites

    Our platinum guest posting service is the crème de la crème of link building services. Through our powerful network of professional contributing writers, we can get your brand mentioned on the largest and most highly trafficked media sites in the world.

    We have a team of writers who are contributing authors for top media sites in various industries. We can have a link to your website embedded within a piece of high-quality content and published on a site of your choosing (subject to approval). Links from these sites can give your website a huge credibility boost through the eyes of the search engines.

    Powerful Backlinks
    High Domain Authority
    Quality Brand Exposure
    High Traffic
    Guest Posting Service


    Our guest posting service packs Linkredible features
    World's Largest Media Sites
    Our media site guest posting service helps you to snag links from the largest media sites in the world. These links are seriously difficult to obtain on your own and take a lot of negotiation.
    High Domain Authority
    Our media site placements give you and your clients access to the highest authority domain names out there. Just a handful of links from these sites can really move the needle.
    High Traffic Sites
    Our media site partners get a lot of traffic which you can leverage as it flows through to your website. You can see the traffic metrics for each blog in our dashboard.
    Choose Your Publishers
    You can handpick the sites you would like placements for from our inventory so you have full transparency on exactly where your links will be placed before placing your order.
    High Quality Metrics
    You can view the Domain Authority, Domain Rating and SEMRush Traffic score of all websites in our inventory to help you decide which placements are right for your business.
    Safe Strategy
    Obtaining links from these sites is a very safe strategy because search engines see them with very high regard. This is due to their high authority and strict publishing guidelines.
    Premium Quality Content
    Our media sites are the crème da la crème of websites and they demand a very high standard of content. As such, only our best writers are selected to write content for these sites.
    Premium Brand Exposure
    Links from these media sites is as good as it gets for brand exposure. This service isn’t just about high-quality backlinks and traffic. It is also about brand mentions from the best sites out there.
    4 Grades of Sites
    Our media sites are graded into 4 different tiers starting from the lower end Bronze tier niche sites, moving through to the mid-tier Silver and Gold sites, and finally our Platinum media sites.

    How It Works

    Build your guest posting campaign with just a few clicks
    Enter Your Inputs
    We have made it as simple as possible for you to get started. All we need from you is your target link and your preferred anchor text. Our contributing writer for the blog ordered will then look for a matching content topic that is in demand by the target site and is a good fit for promoting your website.
    We Write Content
    You can monitor the progress of your guest posting campaign from within your Linkredible dashboard. It will display real-time updates as each task is completed by our contributing writers.
    Download Your Reports
    After your guest posts have gone live you will have access to your deliverable reports in your dashboard. You will see the live links to your media site placements. You can then brand your reports with your own logo and deliver them to your clients.

    Have Questions?

    Frequently Asked

    Check out our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, use the form on the right to contact our team.
    What is a guest posting service?
    Our guest posting service involves developing publishing relationships with top tier media sites as a guest contributor. We work in collaboration with site editors to craft content which they are looking for writers to write for them. Our media site guest posts are typically published under a guest author name as this is a requirement by the majority of these sites due to them having many different contributing authors.
    What is the different between your guest posting and your blogger outreach service?
    Our guest posting service is similar to our blogger outreach service The difference is that our guest posting service is content that is published as a guest contributor, whereas our blogger outreach service is typically content published as the site owner/chief editor.

    Our guest posting media sites are also typically much larger sites that have a lot of different contributing authors so the content cannot be published by the site owner. Our blogger outreach sites are typically much smaller niche sites that only have one author, which is usually the blog owner, so we work with the owner to have the content published under their own author profile.

    Who writes the content for the blog posts?
    The content is written by our team of contributing writers who have editorial access to these blogs. The writers will typically be ones who write for a certain blog on a regular basis and have a good personal publishing relationship with the blog.
    Can I choose the content topics?
    For our guest posting service, it is not possible to choose the content topics. The topics we write about are typically determined by the site. They identify content gaps and reach out to contributing authors to write about these topics. These sites get a lot of interest from contributing writers so they don't give us as much flexibility on what we can write about.

    If you are looking for more control over what content gets written, you should check out our blogger outreach service instead.

    Can I review the content before it is posted?
    No. The reason for this is because these blogs have very high standards when it comes to content, and ultimately it is the site editors what the final version of the content will look like. They also have a lot of control over the topic and scope of the content.
    Where are the links placed?
    The links to your website will be placed somewhere within the body of the blog post. It is up to the discretion of the blog editor when it comes to the positioning of the link. Ultimately they have the final say on where the link is placed and what anchor text is used for the link.

    Ask Our Team

    Use the form below to ask us any questions you have about this service if it is not answered to the left.

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      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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