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    Niche Edit Link Building Service

    Authority backlinks from aged content in your niche

    DA20+ Blog Posts

    Moz DA20+ Guaranteed
    Ahrefs DR20 Average
    1 Target Link & Anchor Text
    100% Real Outreach
    10-20 Day Turnaround

    DA30+ Blog Posts

    Moz DA30+ Guaranteed
    Ahrefs DR30 Average
    1 Target Link & Anchor Text
    100% Real Outreach
    10-30 Day Turnaround

    DA40+ Blog Posts

    Moz DA40+ Guaranteed
    Ahrefs DR40 Average
    1 Target Link & Anchor Text
    100% Real Outreach
    10-30 Day Turnaround

    DA50+ Blog Posts

    Moz DA50+ Guaranteed
    Ahrefs DR50 Average
    1 Target Link & Anchor Text
    100% Real Outreach
    10-60 Day Turnaround
    Looking for links from newly published content? Check out our blogger outreach service.

    High Quality Backlinks From Aged Content In Your Niche

    Our niche edit link building service is similar to blogger outreach and broken link building, but instead of placing new content or fixing broken links, it involves improving previously published content and having links embedded within aged blog posts.

    We start by finding high-quality blog posts which are relevant to your niche and the target pages you want to promote. We then reach out to the blog editors and offer to add additional content to their posts to improve them. This new content will include a mention of your brand and a link back to your website as a valuable resource.

    Aged Content
    Diversify Your Strategy
    High Power Backlinks
    100% Manual Outreach
    Niche Edits


    Our niche edit service packs Linkredible features
    Aged Content
    Our outreach team scours the web looking for relevant, aged content. We then work with the blog editor to improve the blog post and snag a link to your website in the process.
    Pairs Well With Outreach
    Our niche edits pair very well with our blogger outreach service as you’ll get links from both aged content and newly published content, thus reducing your link building footprint.
    Content Already Ranking
    The beauty of our niche edits is that we obtain links from content that is already ranking. This means you don’t have to wait for rankings and it most likely already has backlinks.
    Natural Strategy
    Niche edits follow a natural strategy whereby old blog content is updated and improved. Blog owners do this regularly to obtain higher search rankings and improve user experience.
    Editorial Backlinks
    Niche edits are a great opportunity for our outreach team to obtain high quality editorial backlinks for you and your clients in record time by improving previously published content.
    Contextually Relevant
    Our niche edits target blog posts that are contextually relevant to the website you are promoting. Relevant backlinks are the best type of links for ranking improvements.
    White Hat Strategy
    Our niche edit link building strategy is a white-hat strategy and is very safe to use on your websites. Links are obtained by improving existing content, not just link embeds.
    Manually Negotiated
    All niche edit link placements are manually negotiated with bloggers by our outreach team working in tandem with our writers to improve the published blog posts.
    High Quality Metrics
    We use a number of quality metrics to determine where we obtain link placements for your website including domain authority, publisher traffic, content quality and more.

    How It Works

    Build your niche edits campaign with just a few clicks
    Enter Your Inputs
    We have made it as simple as possible for you to get started. All we need from you is a few inputs such as your website URL and preferred anchor texts. Our team will then scouring the web for existing content and reaching out to bloggers.
    We Write & Outreach
    You can monitor the progress of your niche edits campaign from within your Linkredible dashboard. It will display real-time updates as each task is completed by our writers and various members of our outreach team.
    Download Your Reports
    After your edited blog posts have been updated, you will have access to your niche edits report in your dashboard. You will see live links to all blog posts which have been edited. You can brand your report with your own logo and deliver it to your clients.

    Have Questions?

    Frequently Asked

    Check out our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, use the form on the right to contact our team.
    What are niche edits?
    Niche edits involve scouring the web for previously published content and reaching out to the blogger and working with them to improve that content. Our outreach team works in tandem with our writers to improve the content, during which they will snag a link to your website in the process.
    Are niche edits a safe strategy?
    Yes, our niche edit link building service is a very safe and white hat strategy. We only target high-quality sites and edit content that is contextually relevant to your website. Our links are also obtained by improving existing content, not just link embeds.
    How does this compare to blogger outreach and guest posting?
    Our niche edit service is different to blogger outreach and guest posting as it involves editing and embedding links into aged content which has already been published. Blogger outreach and guest posting typically involves writing and publishing new content which hasn't been indexed before.
    Who writes the content for the blog posts?
    Since niche edits target previously published content, this means the content is written by whoever wrote the content for the blog where it is published in the first place. This content is then improved by our professional team of niche writers when working on your campaign.
    What does DA stand for?
    DA stands for Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a metric calculated by Moz.com for all sites on the internet. We use DA as the core metric when we determine the quality of blogs we publish content on. We also use other metrics beyond DA behind the scenes for gauging a blog's quality before deciding to work with them.
    Can I write my own content?
    As we target previously published content for our niche edit service, you cannot write your own content. We are not looking to replace the content that the blogger has written for their website, we are simply looking to make a number of improvements to it.
    Where are the links placed?
    The links are placed naturally within the flow of the previously published content. If there isn't a good fit for the link, our team will write additional content which will include the embedded link and intertwine it within the existing content.

    Ask Our Team

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